Hitman symbol

hitman symbol

What's the origin or inspiration for the Hitman logo? Is it a variation of an existing logo anywhere? The hitman symbol - Hitman General Discussion. What does it stand for? Or what's the shape supposed to be. I never understood it. The Hitman insignia is a recurring symbol that appears in the Hitman series. The " Hitman. hitman symbol Empire ranked him as the 21st "greatest video game character", stating:. But his method of operation elevates him to a sadistic level. Blood Money, he can disarm trained and armed soldiers with ease, as well as render people unconscious with minimal effort. Leather gloves, red tie, black suit and bald, barcode-adorned head, Agent 47 is striking to the point where it's probably something of a hindrance in his chosen line of work. May 29, 5. It's only there at random times. Nevertheless, he can blend into the crowd and play the role of a regular person very effectively and efficiently. The fleur de lis represents Ort Meyer labs in Codename He is consistently voiced by David Bateson. Along with learning how to use the tools of an assassin, 47 was trained to analyze and adapt to his surroundings when planning an assassination, allowing him to see multiple paths for which he could eliminate his targets silently and efficiently. As he has little to no memory of his background, he dedicated his life to be a skilled assassin which provided him with a lifestyle of adventure and luxury. Forgot your username or password? Codename 47five men of various nationalities served in the same unit of the French Foreign Legion. In exchange for research funding, Ort-Meyer provided his former comrades with donor organs harvested from clone bodies, which significantly extended their longevity. Retrieved April 21, I don't know maybe it was expanded upon in some novel I didn't read or something, that's why I'm asking you guys. He operated out of Father Vittorio's church in Hitman 2: Sergei Zavorotko and the Mystery Man meet outside of the Asylum, with the insignia on the gates. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This gentlemen takes life for money. He knows exactly what parts of the human body to shoot that would be a survivable shot, a fatal shot or even a slow painful shot which 47 has used to interrogate one of his victims. Artboard 6 Copy 6. The Revolution - Archive Whiplash - Archive Virtual Resort: Dead Men - Technical Forum Deus Ex: You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I had to join just to share something I spotted. As for now it remains 47 personal symbol.

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